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BELOW : Today I am travelling to Macau, via the fast ferry service from Hong Kong Island. To reach the ferry terminal, from my hotel I have joined the MTR train at Causeway Bay and will go 4 stops to Sheung Wan. This photo was taken inside the train carriage, it is a visual display of the current location of the train on the network. I am travelling on the Island Line (the Blue line), and the train is currently at Admiralty station. You can see a green arrow indicating the direction of travel, and the stations yet to come are shown by red/pink lights. Because Admiralty also has a junction with the Orange and Green lines those lights are illuminated in white to indicate a need to change trains here, to get to those stations. On board carriage announcements are also made in English and Chinese.

BELOW : I am travelling outside of the peak hour, so the carriages are not overly packed with passengers, and there is plenty of ‘personal space’ available.

BELOW : I had a short walk from Sheung Wan station to the Macau Ferry Terminal. I purchased a return ticket (on my credit card) to Macau for HK$371 (about AUD$70). This equates to AUD$35 each way, for a 1 hour fast ferry ride, which I thought was good value. This excursion was a result of a discussion with my cousin at dinner on Friday night. She said even though I was not a gambler I should go to see the casinos in Macau, just to see the buildings and themes which have been created. As I have previously outed myself as a bit of a ‘stickybeak’ , I felt the need to see !

BELOW : When you arrive at the ferry terminal in Macau / Taipa, there are numerous free shuttle buses available to take you to the casino of your choice. Initially I chose to go to The Venetian, it was a short 5-10 minute ride from the terminal.

BELOW : The outside of The Venetian Casino.

BELOW : Once inside I quickly understood what my cousin had been referring to when she told me to expect very lavish surroundings within the casinos. This photo was taken on the ground floor level.

BELOW : Another view of the ceiling artwork involved within one of the walkways within the casino.

BELOW : On the first floor of the casino there is a reproduction of a canal in Venice, complete with shops, gondolas and gondoliers. It covers about 200 metres or so, and the gondoliers serenade their customers during the canal ride.

BELOW : The blue sky and clouds above seem very real, don’t be fooled however, they are all part of the ‘facade’ which is The Grand Canal.

BELOW : This is one ‘end of the line’.

BELOW : And this entry/exit point for the gondola ride is at the other end.

 To see my YouTube clip of part of the Gondola ride,  CLICK HERE.

BELOW : This is the shuttle bus which goes to The Parisian. I did not need to travel on this bus, as The Parisian is right nest to The Venetian, so I just walked next door, so to speak !

BELOW : Well, when you start your visit by seeing a half size replica of The Eiffel Tower (164 metres tall), you know that this is going to be an interesting casino building to experience.

HONG KONG 2019 - DAY 4

BELOW : A lift also goes from the restaurant level (the glassed in section) to the top of the tower.

BELOW : As you may be able to tell, I was a bit awe struck with the Eiffel Tower. This photo was taken while I was still inside The Venetian casino, looking to find an exit which would take me to the outside world ! The previous two photos were taken once I had found my way out.

BELOW : One of the entrances to The Parisian casino.

BELOW : A glimpse inside The Parisian, again the building is a reminder that you are in another world.

BELOW : Looking down from an upper level, to one of the fountains below.

BELOW : And looking above to the artwork inside of one of the domes, within the ceiling.

BELOW : Another fountain, with lighting that continually changes colour.

BELOW : The final casino I visited in my ‘Stickybeak Whirlwind Tour’ was The Wynn Palace. I was actually on a bus back to the ferry terminal, when we passed the Wynn Palace. I was so intrigued by their take on the gondola ride, that I felt compelled to seek out their shuttle bus at the ferry terminal and make my way back to check it out !

BELOW : The gondola ride at this casino is actually free, however, it is a cable car gondola, not a water canal gondola. It runs a circuit on the outside of the casino, which takes about 8 minutes to do a complete ride. You can join the ride at the top of the circuit (within the casino), or from the lower station (outside the casino). The journey takes you above above a ‘lake’, which has an ongoing water fountain show. I am sure it is even more spectacular at night, when the coloured lighting enhances the impact of the show. I was suitably impressed by what I was able to see.

BELOW : You will more fully appreciate the Gondola Ride and Water Feature by clicking below.

To see my YouTube clip of the Cable Car ride to the upper station,  CLICK HERE.

BELOW : A display near a main entry door of the Wynn Palace.

BELOW : It’s quite a long escalator ride to the next level up, but there are lots of flowers for you to view along the way . . But are they real, or part of another facade, you ask yourself ?

BELOW : A gondola cabin approaching the upper level boarding/exit station.

BELOW : Passengers about to board at the upper level station.


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