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BELOW : An evening view of the outside pool and dining area at our hotel,located not far from the old port area of town, in the city of Rethymno.

BELOW : The current hotel is located on land which was formerly occupied by one of the oldest public primary schools in Europe.

BELOW : A view of tables in the self service breakfast bar area of the hotel. In the background is the wine storage area, for the bar and restaurant of the hotel.   

BELOW : A closer view of some of the bottles found ‘behind the bars’.

BELOW : Just around the corner from the street the hotel is in, there is an old mosque, which is located adjacent to a large open area.


BELOW : This small outdoor restaurant was one I visited a few times for lunch during my stay, and it is just in front of the mosque area. The large umbrellas covering the tables provide much appreciated shade on the sunny days, and are easily retracted for evenings or cloudy days.

BELOW : I assume that the umbrellas are supplied by Coca Cola, as I am looked down on by this very ‘retro looking’ girl, and her logo !

BELOW : It was indeed a pleasant step back in time under the ‘sun security blanket’ provided by these umbrellas.

BELOW : We enjoyed a very nice fish meal one evening, at this restaurant located on the waterfront, about a 10-15 minute walk from our hotel. Our waiter was a good natured bloke, who shared a number of laughs with us during our meal. He seemed to relate to our Aussie/Kiwi sense of humour quite well.

BELOW : A view from our table, a bit later in the evening, looking over a couple of boats anchored in  the small harbour area adjacent to the restaurant.

BELOW : There are many narrow and winding streets to be explored in the old port area. It is easy, flat walking. Plenty of tourists, intermingled with locals, can be found roaming day and night. The locals are usually identifiable, because they are the ones who look like they know where they are going !

BELOW : Another back-street, another old church (left hand corner of photo) and another cafe/restaurant to be discovered.  

BELOW : Well, you do need sustenance, to keep exploring the labyrinth of streets !

BELOW : This morning we are walking to inspect the Fortezza Fortress (about 15 mins from the hotel). We followed the coastal road which takes us past a breakwall.

BELOW : The coastal road runs below the Fortezza, so there is another road which leads up to the base of the Fortezza, where the east entrance gate may be found.

BELOW : The main entrance gate is through the archway you can see in the lower left hand corner of this photo. Construction of the Fortezza began in 1573 and was completed in 1580. This was during the time when Crete was under Venetian rule.

BELOW : A view looking back over part of the city of Rethymno, before we enter the fortress.

BELOW : Now from within the fortress, another view across the city.

BELOW : Another view of a part of the city which extends along the north western coastline.

BELOW : Within the fortress grounds, a partial view of an amphitheatre area (Erofili Theatre), which has been created to provide a great outdoor venue for special events.

BELOW : The perimeter walls had a number of ‘lookout posts’ along the length. This one has a view probably North to North West. Today it looks over towards the main Bus Station and soccer field in town, a very different view to what the guards would have seen in the 1580’s and beyond.

BELOW : A close up view of the wall and ‘lookout post’.

BELOW : The view from the window area shown in the photo above. Today you could monitor traffic movement, but in centuries gone by you would have been reporting on troop or sea vessel movements.

BELOW : One of the many narrow holes in the wall that allowed soldiers to shoot with their bows and arrows at the approaching enemy, while affording them some degree of protection from the returning fire!

BELOW : Right after the siege of Rethymno by the Ottomans, in 1646, they built the first mosque in the city. The Christian St Nicholas Cathedral was demolished to make way for this new structure. Nowadays the mosque building is used as an exhibition and music events venue.

BELOW : It can sometimes be a fine line between an ‘intrepid’ and a ‘decrepit’ explorer !  

BELOW : Another view looking towards the soccer field and bus station area of the city, including the local red, open deck, ‘hop on - hop off’ bus.  

BELOW : I think this hole in the wall must have been designed especially for the soldiers who were soccer enthusiasts !

BELOW : A section of the coastal road viewed from part of the fortress wall, looking north into the Cretan/Aegean/Mediterranean sea.   

BELOW : The former mosque building, which is now used for exhibitions and music events.

BELOW : The inside of the former mosque building, showing the prayer niche that points to Mecca.

BELOW : This photo shows the inside, of the dome of the mosque building, intricately tiled.

BELOW : A closer view of the tiles inside the dome.

BELOW : Looking back towards the North East along the coastal road, viewed from a section of the fortress perimeter wall.

BELOW : A small church, St Theodor Trichinas. It was inaugurated in 1899 by the Russian commander of the occupation forces of Rethymno, but the building was possibly the result of repairs to an older, pre-existing Venetian church.

BELOW : Inside the church.

BELOW : As we leave the Fortezza we pass through the area just outside of the East Entrance gate, and there is a busker filling the air with the pleasant sounds of music, from his saxophone.  

BELOW : The walk back down from the Fortezza to the old town, initially takes us through an area of town that has more open space, than the narrow winding streets closer to the port.  

BELOW : Bougainvilleas provide a very colourful enhancement to the streetscape, in this particular section of our walk.

BELOW : Foot traffic seems to be very low in this section, so I will just take advantage of the ebb, to get a quick photo of a couple of local houses.

BELOW : We have found another small restaurant, located in the next street over from our hotel. The ‘ambience’ was temporarily interrupted as a ‘mini garbage truck’ made its way down the street, between the diners and walkers. You could fairly safely estimate that this street would be marginally wider than about two tables and one ‘mini garbage truck’ !    

BELOW : Now that the truck has gone you can appreciate a better view of the ‘wall-hanging chair’. Closer inspection should reveal to you the pot plant growing out of the chair !

BELOW : The message of the plastic bag problem on our planet has even made it to Rethymno. However,did you notice the irony of the contents of this ‘I am not a Plastic Bag’ bag ?   

BELOW : Looking back towards the ‘lookout post’, from further along the perimeter wall.

BELOW : On the way back to our hotel we passed another restaurant/taverna, which had this chalkboard sign on one of the outside walls, promoting the chill factor of their beer !

BELOW : This one was on an adjoining section, of the same wall.


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