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BELOW : We arrived at the last town on our itinerary for Crete, Kissamos, and we stayed there for 7 nights. This town is situated at almost the most westerly end of the island, of the northern coast. Our hotel here was only a few years old, and was conveniently located just a short walk from the town centre.

BELOW : The view looking to the right from the balcony of my brother’s 2nd floor room.

BELOW : And looking to the left from the same balcony.

BELOW : A zoom photo to the beach area in the photo above.The sea temperature when we were there in September was around 24 degrees celsius. It was actually a warmer water temperature swimming in the Cretan Sea than it was swimming in our hotel swimming pool. Many pleasant dips were enjoyed.

BELOW : This goat, and a couple of her friends were grazing on a vacant block of land adjacent to the hotel.

BELOW : As you can see, the days of goat grazing are probably numbered, as new dwellings are encroaching on the available land.

BELOW : Looking from the hotel in a generally westerly direction, the hills are not alive with sound of music, however, they are alive with olive trees.

BELOW : Crete is a renowned producer of quality Olive Oil, and olive groves can be found across much of the island.

BELOW : A view of another new hotel located just down the road from where we were staying. There was also a sports park between the two hotels, where local youth were often practising basketball and tennis.

BELOW : An early morning view of the hotel pool and bar area.

BELOW : Another perspective of the pool. As I said it was quite early in the morning, so the sun chairs are not yet occupied . . . But, they will come !

BELOW : Breakfast could be ‘taken’ on the outside veranda area at the front of the hotel. Immediately to the left is a view over the Cretan Sea. We are just the width of the road away from getting wet feet !

BELOW : This is part of the view from a breakfast table on the veranda area.

BELOW : Just around the corner from the hotel is a Greek Orthodox church.

BELOW : It’s about a 10-15 min walk up into the main town of Kissamos. They have their own Junior School, up on the main road through town.

BELOW : And immediately opposite, there is the local High School. If students want to do University studies after they have completed High School, it will require a bus trip of about 2 hours each way, over to Rethymno. (The second town we stayed in, on our journey over to Kissamos.)   

BELOW : While walking from the town back down to the hotel, as in the other towns we visited, there are the remains of part of the fortress which was used to defend Kissamos.

BELOW : A close up of the parapet.

BELOW : On the same path back to town we also passed a lovely little cottage with a thriving garden. The perspective of this photo does not show it very clearly, however, the pomegranate tree is right near the footpath. I am sure this could represent a problem for the owners, during the tourist season.

BELOW : This very pleasant little restaurant is only about 200 metres from the hotel, and in the 7 nights we stayed we had our evening meal there on a few occasions.

BELOW : The view from the restaurant in the early evening.

BELOW : Back up in town, there was a very switched on barber who especially catered for the smaller children with this very welcoming ‘car-chair’.

BELOW : From the hotel balcony we could see the movement of boats/ferries on a daily basis, from the small port near the headland. On one of our last days in Kissamos I invested in a taxi ride to the port to investigate the goings on.

BELOW : It turned out that a number of fishing boats, daily cruise boats and a ferry or two used the Kissamos port.

BELOW : A range of fishing boats and their crews were at the port when my brother and I visited.

BELOW : All that red area is fishing net from just one boat.

BELOW : A couple of boats from the Day Cruise area of the port. They take tourists for half and full day cruises, to some of the less accessible parts of the coastline, and to small islands near Kissamos.

BELOW : This ferry operates between Piraeus (near Athens) and Kissamos a couple of times each week. When I saw the company name I wondered if I may have long lost relatives in these parts !

BELOW : It’s time to leave Kissamos, and that means taking a bus ride or two. First section Kissamos -Chania.(About 45 mins)Change buses in Chania and wait about an hour. Next section Chania-Rethymno-Heraklion.(About 2 hrs 30mins) From Heraklion I will take an Agean Air flight, directly to Athens.(50mins)

BELOW : The photo above is taken from the ‘bus station’ looking towards the available options for travel today. Below passengers are starting to accumulate in the general area of the bus station, in anticipation of the next service.

BELOW : On the bus ride from Kissamos to Chania the bus winds its way through a few small villages which are off the main road. These men were having morning coffee in one of those villages as we passed by, and I took a quick photo.

BELOW : No, this is not an ad for XXXX Beer ! It just happens to be the paper tablecloth set out each night when we dined at the restaurant near the sea in Kissamos, but it served as a reminder of where we had been on Crete. Another very pleasant holiday has almost come to an end.   



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Kissamos Chania




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