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BELOW : A lifebuoy ring hangs below the safety sign, adjacent to the swimming pool at our hotel in Rethymno. The next photo shows a close up of the wording on the sign.

BELOW : You will see in a later photo that the pool was quite a small pool, so I really think it would be a case of ‘every man for himself’ if there were any incidents !

BELOW : One of the local back streets near the hotel, plenty of tourists out and about.

BELOW : The hotel had a cafe attached to it, with a couple of quirky lampshades. This one was hanging from the ceiling in the cafe. As you can see it is made of several individual lamps all joined together.  

BELOW : Evidently, when you have a creative flair, this is one of the things you can do with your excess teapots and cups. It was on one of the tables in the hotel cafe.

BELOW : A piece of inspirational thought, on one of the cafe walls.

BELOW : Further words of inspiration were to be found on the walls inside my room at the hotel.

BELOW : During our stay at this hotel there was some tree pruning which needed to be done. It was quite an interesting time as a few of the guests watched this man ascend the tree, and proceed to begin a pruning exercise. It kept us entertained for a while.

BELOW : I took this shot because of the shadow which was being cast onto the wall. He looks almost like a mountain climber in the shadow !

BELOW : You certainly need to be sure footed in this line of work. Not having a fear of heights would also be a point you would include in your CV I imagine.

BELOW : One of the finished products, by night.

BELOW : This the pool where the lifebuoy is on the adjacent wall.

BELOW : Again, this town has a fort area which was used to protect it against attacks in past years.




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Rethymno Chania Heraklion

 Click here to see my YouTube clip of this man in action !