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BELOW : The seating area by day, can be used for sleeping by night.

BELOW : An outdoor covered area.

BELOW : A break during the meeting.

BELOW : During free time team members made use of their time to have casual chats.

BELOW : The bright flowers added colour to the day.

BELOW : Still outside enjoying the surrounds.

BELOW :This team member was telling me how her and her husband had gone to Russia for Bible training, and then gone to South Korea to learn English, before returning to Mongolia to join the staff at the Bible College.

BELOW : There was even a room suitable for Karaoke on the site.

BELOW : The team members who were attending the conference.

BELOW : Outside of the campsite area there were a number of houses, I was told a number of these would have been ‘holiday houses’ owned by some of the more affluent families from the city.

BELOW :  More of the surrounding houses on the hills.

BELOW : You can see a mixture of timber and brick houses in the surrounding area.

BELOW : These ones look a little less cared for, but as you will notice, there are still fences between properties to mark the boundaries between properties.


BELOW : There was a conference for the staff from the Bible College, which was held at a venue similar to a YMCA campsite, about half an hour from the city. I went along as an observer, and was made to feel most welcome.  

BELOW : One light inside the ger . . . And it is an energy saving globe !

BELOW : Team members reviewing and discussing points for discussion.

BELOW : The meeting/training sessions were held in a traditional ger. As with similar meetings of this type held in Australia, Tea and coffee as well as biscuits and nibbles are a staple of the day.



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BELOW : The dining room.

BELOW : Conference participants being drawn to the dining room for a hearty lunch.

BELOW : Lunch is served.

BELOW : No, it is not The Three Musketeers !

BELOW : I did not get to find out why, but there were a couple of taxidermied items on display on the outer edges of the dining room area.  

BELOW : Both appeared to be a bit on the aggressive side to me !

BELOW : Most of the team members slept in this type of cabin overnight.

BELOW : Lovely garden beds were to be found around the grounds.

BELOW : I was a bit ‘stumped’ by this one !  So I thought I ‘wood’ leave it alone.

BELOW : At one stage I thought I needed to make use of the convenience . . . That was until I realised it was not a traditional western style toilet (of which there are many in the city area).  I decided that the distance down to the floor was too much of a challenge for me, so I waited until I was back in town.

BELOW : The leaves were starting to change colour.