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BELOW : A lovely old table, in the dining area of the same hotel.

BELOW : You don’t see this sort of craftsmanship very often these days.

BELOW : A very pleasant ‘photo bombing’ staff member, who looked after us very well. The bar area is in the background.

BELOW : The Heraklion Archaeological Museum has many fine exhibits on display. In the next 23 frames you will find photos of some of the artefacts, and photos of some of the description plaques which were attached to the relevant items which have been photographed.   

BELOW : Description above.

BELOW : Refer to description above.

BELOW : The statue of a young man.

BELOW : A sarcophagus (plural sarcophagi) is a box-like funeral receptacle for a corpse, most commonly carved in stone, and usually displayed above ground, though it may also be buried.

BELOW : The Marble Sarcophagus.

BELOW : Two female statues.

BELOW : From around the 7th century, BC.

BELOW : Pots of various sizes, were used to contain either liquids or grains.

BELOW : The multiple handles indicate these pots are quite heavy, and it would have required some planning when moving was required.  

BELOW : This photo is to illustrate the height of these particular pots. My brother is Around 6’2”, and the pots are on a raised section about 6” - 8” high. So the largest pot is about his height.

BELOW : Same pot, behind my 5’8” height. (My sister in law, who is bilingual - she speaks fluent New Zealand and Australian, tells me that in today’s parlance that would be 173 cm. )

BELOW : Limestone sculpture of a bird.

BELOW : An impressive bird.

BELOW : Karphi

BELOW : Until I read the explanation plaque, I thought this was the first record of a bank ‘hold-up’ in ancient times !  

BELOW : Meanwhile, back in the world of the sarcophagi . . .

BELOW : A quite colourful example.

BELOW : A fresco, I am assuming not related to our friend, Al Fresco

BELOW : The Knossos Palace is located only about 20-30 minutes away from the museum, travelling by local public bus.  

BELOW : Ladies in Blue.

BELOW : ’Ladies in Blue’ wall painting.


BELOW : Some words of inspiration hanging on a wall in the dining area, at the hotel we stayed in, just out of Heraklion, in a suburb called Amoudara.

BELOW : Same hotel, more inspiration.

BELOW : Could this could be an example of an early Roman prosthesis  ? . .     

BELOW : When we wandered around the streets of Amoudara, nearby to our hotel we found a very pleasant family owned taverna. The dividing wall between properties had bicycles as part of the wall construction.

BELOW : A table placemat at Taverna Mitato.

BELOW : Interestingly, the menu was incorporated into an order pad for each table. There is a blank column where you enter the quantity you want to order of each item. I guess this must save a lot of arguments when orders are served, as the ‘order pad’ can be used to confirm the customer request.   

BELOW : Happy customers can be seen, pencil in hand, filling in the ‘order pad’, in preparation for the evening feast !

BELOW : The atmosphere provided at this taverna encourages a very relaxed and unique experience.

BELOW : The open air area of the taverna offers more of the same experience.  


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