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BELOW : Last day today, and I am on a train from Causeway Bay to Central. ‘My mission, should I choose to accept it’, is to do a return trip on The Peak Tram. (It does not seem like an Impossible Mission to me .        )  You can see from this shot that the train seating is stainless steel, which I assume makes for much easier cleaning, and a higher degree of germ control during flu season as there are no fabric covered surfaces to try and keep clean.         

BELOW : Again today, not crowded because I am travelling outside of the peak hour.

BELOW : This image gives me a whole new outlook on the meaning of the word ‘Re-tyrement’.

It was taken just near Chater Garden, a stone’s throw from Exit J2, at Central MTR Station.

It helps to remind me, that you don’t have to be retired, you can simply be repurposed !

BELOW : Looking in a northerly direction I have a view once again of the IFC2 building. It looks a bit different today, because now that I am leaving Hong Kong, the sun has finally come out !

BELOW : Looking over the garden, in an easterly direction.

BELOW : It is indeed a little piece of paradise, in the centre of the city.

BELOW : Plenty of greenery providing a restful area to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

BELOW : Along the way to The Peak Tram terminus, I have walked up the hill a couple of hundred metres along Garden Road and I deviate just a little from my mission, and I take a quick look around St John’s Anglican Cathedral. It was opened in 1849.

BELOW : It has all the grandeur you would expect of a building which is 150 years old.

BELOW : The sanctuary and choir area of the church.

BELOW : As is the case in many churches, the stained glass window is a highlight .

BELOW : A close up of the stained glass window, depicting Jesus on the cross at His crucifixion.

HONG KONG 2019 - DAY 6

BELOW : Looking back down the church, toward the front door.

BELOW : Back out on Garden Rd again.

BELOW : About to cross Garden Rd, to join the queue of people wanting to purchase tickets on The Peak Tram.

BELOW : This was another attraction where I was able to use my Elder Octopus Card. A return trip on the tram was HK$43 (including access to the Sky Terrace 428 viewing platform area.) After waiting in the ticket queue for 20 minutes, I found when I got close to the ticket box, that I did not need to be in the queue, I just needed to proceed directly to the entry gate and scan my card.

BELOW : The Peak Tram approaching the lower terminus platform. The track is 1,365 metres long and the tramcar takes approximately seven minutes to complete a one way trip. The Tramcar carries up to 120 passengers: 95 seated and 25 standing. Two tramcars, each with two carriages, run in opposite directions for over 90 trips each day. There is only a single track, except where the trams pass each other, at which point it divides into two tracks. To see my YouTube clip of the  tram descent from the Upper Station to the Lower Station, CLICK HERE.

BELOW : At an altitude of 554 metres, Victoria Peak (The Peak) is the highest point on Hong Kong Island. Thus making it a popular location for the city views, and other locations around the island, from the viewing platform at The Peak Tower.

BELOW : Still a bit hazy, even though the sun is out today.

BELOW : Pok Fu Lam Reservoir, formerly known as the Pokovfulun Reservoir, is the first reservoir built in Hong Kong. It is located in a valley in Pok Fu Lam. It is actually two reservoirs with a capacity of 260,000 cubic metres. Originally completed around 1863, and later supplemented in around 1877. (Only a small part of the reservoir can be seen at the bottom of the tree line.)

BELOW : At the MTR stations there are frequent public address announcements, reminding you to hold on to the handrails on stairs and escalators. This is a photo of one of the signs in the station area, showing the possible pitfalls of not following the directions !   

BELOW : Another advertising banner in the station area. Aiming to explore and promote inclusiveness and understanding via the arts, the Festival and the Trust will co-present “No Limits”, a new project to be launched in March 2019.

BELOW : Well, I am back at Hong Kong International Airport, surveying some of the vast array of destination options on offer between 17:00 and 18:25. I chose the last option, QF128, leaving from Gate 66, and bound for Sydney.


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BELOW : After taking the couple of photos above from the top of The Peak Tower, on the way down I caught up with Nicole Kidman, outside Madame Tussauds. Albert Einstein was also there, however, I chose to chat with Nicole. Contrary to how it may appear  .  .  and, regardless of what you may, or may not read in the press . . .  I am not carrying our ‘love child’ !

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Viewers who enjoy watching grass grow, or watching paint dry, should find this clip riveting !