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MYKONOS   2014

BELOW : Life on the outer deck was also quite comfortable, and many passengers took in the sunshine as they had a few drinks to pleasantly pass some of the time during the journey.

BELOW : The Hotel Hermes where we stayed on Mykonos. Located above the old town centre, overlooking the town and port areas. A bit of a hike up the stairs from town, but good exercise !

BELOW : This photo was taken from outside the breakfast area at the hotel, looking towards the old town centre.

BELOW : The famous windmills of Mykonos. Now just part of the island’s charm, they were previously used to grind grains imported to the island, and then processed for distribution around Greece.

BELOW : I doubt this car would pass muster for registration in Australia ! But on Mykonos it is parked in with the rest of the pack, no discrimination is shown to it at all.

BELOW : Looking back from the windmills toward ‘Little Venice’, down in the old town Chora area on Mykonos.

BELOW : I was thinking on some days that even though “there is no elevator to success”, just maybe, they could have installed an elevator to take me back up the hill to the hotel, painlessly !

BELOW : A local Busker and his ‘hatted and sunglassed’ dog, late one afternoon in the downtown area, doing their bit to entertain tourists !  

BELOW : Sunset on Mykonos, taken while standing just behind the windmills, looking out over a very still and peaceful Aegean Sea.

BELOW :  Back at the Hermes Hotel, the pool at night was a very inviting area after a stressful day of “full on touristy” activities.  

BELOW : On our way to a beach called Kalo Livadi,(on the local bus) we stopped off at a village called Ano Mera. Here we found a traditional, family run Greek restaurant, with a very pleasant atmosphere.  

BELOW : Unfortunately this photo does not do justice to the wonderful Greek Salad we were all able to share in, but if you breathe in deeply enough you can just smell the lovely aroma !  Bon appétit.


BELOW : The free dessert offered to us after our meal was a most unexpected extra treat. We were unsure of what it was, and when we asked the waiter he told us it was carrot and yogurt ! It was like a honeyed carrot and tasted just beautiful.

BELOW : Also in Ano Mera we visited an old monastery. We were constantly amazed at the intricate work in churches from such old times. This building was last refurbished around 1767 !

BELOW : In the usual Greek style, this church has a domed roof and looking up from inside the church you could see this Holy picture painted on the inner-side of the dome.

BELOW : A photo from inside the bus shelter of the one that got away. Fortunately there was a bus about every half hour, so we were soon on our way again to the beach at Kalo Livadi.

BELOW : Approaching the beach there was a great view of the little bay that mainly protected us from the wind, and made for a very flat surf wave area, which suits my style of swimming just right !

BELOW : Sunbeds and umbrellas are certainly the order of the day, as there is virtually no shade to be found near the beach. At 5 or 6 Euro per person, per day, it was not bad value.

BELOW : In total we spent quite a few hours under the protection of one or other of these umbrellas.But they did not protect us from the ongoing parade of hawkers, flogging watches, handbags, clothing and even massages!

BELOW : It is 6.30 am at the port of Piraeus in Athens. We are getting ready to board the ferry Blue Star Naxos, for a very pleasant 5 3/4 hr trip to Mykonos. (Stopping at the islands of Syros and Tinos en-route.)

BELOW : Onboard the ferry, it was a very smooth sailing, and it felt like we were just sitting in the lounge room at home, there was very little sway, and the Aegean Sea was very calm.



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