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BELOW : The view of the stage curtain, prior to the performance commencement, from our Row 3 seats.

BELOW : Lovely.

BELOW : Beautiful.

BELOW : They know how to do ‘intimidating’ !

BELOW : Rich colours and grand costumes were an impressive sight. One thing you will also notice in the remainder of photos below, is the wide variety of ‘head wear’ that the performers exhibit. Whether they are actors,singers or orchestral members; the head wear is amazing.  

BELOW : Unfortunately I do not know the names of the various instruments played during the evening, however, I do know they were mostly VERY old.   

BELOW : And the band played Walzing Matilda . . . Ummmm NO !

BELOW : The Long Horn is a two person instrument . . One person supports the weight at the front of the horn, the other one plays the instrument. Don’t forget to keep an eye on those various hats ! !

BELOW : Very large masks.

BELOW : Another masked figure.

BELOW : Stunning material is used in these very elaborate and colourful costumes.

BELOW : Don’t try this at home !  Nothing like watching a contortionist to make you feel inflexible.

BELOW : Of course, we all do this when we have a spare moment . . Don’t we ?

BELOW : Obviously I know this one is a flute . . Of some description.

BELOW : This one looks more modern . . Keep an eye out for the hats !

BELOW : One of the soloists who gave a ‘throat singing’ recital.

BELOW : And the dance continues.  

BELOW : Another soloist.  

BELOW : The orchestra in full flight !

BELOW :Her eyes were fixed firmly on the conductor as she played her instrument.

BELOW :These two appear to be very happy campers.

BELOW : I am often caught with my foot in my mouth, but I do try and limit the times when I am caught with food in my mouth !  However, after our theatre excursion we did require sustenance, and we found a nice restaurant just a short run from the theatre (in the rain, hence the yellow & red wall hanging).   

BELOW : Again, the colour and intricacy of the costume for this soloist is amazing.

BELOW : Again, I can tell you It looks like a very old instrument.

BELOW : Meanwhile, back on the stage . .

BELOW : These instruments have extremely long necks.


BELOW : The brochure below advertised what appeared to be a great Mongolian cultural experience, and let me say, it was a great experience !

BELOW : One thing I found interesting at a couple of venues was that you could take photos or videos of performances or art works / museum pieces, IF you purchase a PHOTO or VIDEO ticket, in addition to the entry ticket purchased for the performance / exhibition. A good money earner.   

BELOW : The reverse side of the ticket above. You can see that I purchased my Photo ticket on 12/08/2010, at a price of 6,000 Tughriks. Currently the exchange rate for Australian Dollars goes like this . . . 1,000 Tughriks = about AUD 65 cents. Thus, my Photo ticket cost me about AUD $3.90. If I had chosen to purchase a Video ticket as well, that would have been an additional 35,000 Tughriks, about AUD $22.75.

BELOW : The entry ticket to the actual performance was 20,000 Tughriks (About AUD $13.00). So for less than AUD $20 I was able to see an hour long performance that exposed me to the colour,sounds and dance of the Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble, and take photos ! A memorable evening for David, Wendy and myself !

BELOW : This was the reverse side of the brochure above.



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