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DUBAI  2018

BELOW : This photo was taken from the rooftop of our hotel. You can see 2 lanes roped off for doing laps, an area for general swimming outside of the ropes, and a circular pool (foreground) for children. Outside of the main pool there was a spa pool. Plenty of sun chairs are available, even a deluxe area as well !

BELOW : A lap pool on the rooftop area of the hotel. Interestingly the far end of the pool extends into the upper roof area of the building’s reception area. My Youtube clip below shows a view of the glass sided pool, jutting into the 8th floor of the hotel. (Top centre of screen at the beginning of video.)

BELOW : A view from the rooftop of the hotel, looking over to the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium, and Dubai International Airport in the background.

BELOW : Looking the opposite direction a partial view of Dubai Golf Course, and part of the freeway system.

BELOW : Taxis were always on standby across the road from the hotel.


BELOW : The hallway outside one section of rooms on the 4th floor. The carpet was an interesting pattern which looked like the ripples in sand. Outside each room, interwoven into the pattern, were sections with a more traditional middle eastern designs.

BELOW : A close-up of the colourful design outside one room.When I first saw the carpet, I thought the sections with the colourful pattern were individual rugs, placed over the top of the carpet. It must take a lot of skill to plan and manufacture the carpet with these patterns included in the carpet.

BELOW : The foyer area of the hotel, looking toward the rear-side of the bank of 4 see through elevators. The hotel is 8 floors high, and when you are in the elevators you can have a clear view of the golf course and freeway, shown in the earlier photo.

BELOW : Interesting furniture in the foyer area.  

BELOW : A close up of the bowl shown on the table in the photo above.

Intricate interweaving strands of rope, produce an impressive table centre piece.

BELOW : Breakfast at home does not usually include chocolate doughnuts for me, however, I felt compelled to take one, purely to ensure they did not go stale !  I am thinking, people who normally use this type of stand to store coffee cups at home, should maybe think outside the box !


BELOW : The reflection of a nearby building, on the outside glass of the hotel.

BELOW : With about a 180 degree turn, I see the building which was reflecting onto part of the hotel glass.

BELOW : Rotating another few degrees and I have a view of the mosque, which is directly down the road from the hotel.

BELOW : On the perimeter of the hotel property is the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium. (Dubai Duty Free has the naming rights for the venue, in case there is any confusion about how tennis can be Duty Free.)

BELOW : Of course, anytime you need to visit an Irish Pub, when you’re in Dubai, this is the place to be !

Also conveniently located adjacent to the hotel and the tennis stadium.

BELOW : I have walked about 200 metres from the hotel, and these two little buildings are located at a Bus Stop.It’s actually all quite logical, due to the summer heat in Dubai, these bus stop shelters are air conditioned, with sliding doors at the front to seal in the cool air, as you await the bus you desire.

BELOW : Around the corner, the pedestrian pathway over the top of this 8 lane road, is similarly air conditioned.

BELOW : Another 300 metres down the road (in the opposite direction to which I was facing in the previous photo) and you can see a building which looks suspiciously like an aeroplane. A very distinctive building, which forms part of the ‘Emirates Airline’ Training College. It took a bit to hunt this building down, but it was worth it to get a photo in the end.

BELOW : Yes it’s a Lamborghini, and it is parked right outside The Dubai Mall. When you own a vehicle like this I guess you don’t risk taking it into the car park, and having it scratched !

BELOW : Inside the Dubai Mall there is an aquarium which is 2 floors high.

BELOW : What was found in 2008, in Wyoming, U.S.A. ?

BELOW : Another of the different things you are liable to see at Dubai Mall, the skeleton of a Diplodocus dinosaur.

BELOW : A waterfall spans all 3 floors of the Dubai Mall. A number of cafes are provided with a very pleasant outlook while enjoying a beverage or something to eat.

BELOW : One of the many colourful stores in the mall.

BELOW : This sign was calling to me as I descended on a set of escalators, towards a store which was appropriately stocked with plenty of dessert options.

BELOW : Granny’s Waffles offered a very pleasant interlude for those who are tempted.

BELOW : A very comfortable area indeed.

BELOW : This table top advertisement for a Spinach Salad, had the added bonus of being a re-charging station for Apple or USB products.

BELOW : The Apple store had plenty of customers.

BELOW : And immediately outside the doors in the photo above, this is part of the view that awaited, of the man-made lake area, outside the mall.

BELOW : A few of the buildings we saw during one of the tours on offer, from the upper open deck, on one of the double deck, hop on - hop off buses.

BELOW : And more . .

BELOW : This is what the trendy camels are wearing this season, near Dubai creek.

BELOW : Buildings adjacent to Dubai creek.

BELOW : Old buildings right at the waterfront, on the Dubai creek.

BELOW : A boat on the Dubai creek.

BELOW : The shape of these fishing boats reminded me of stories about Sinbad the Sailor !

BELOW : Like many other major cities, new buildings and construction sites are to be found all around the city.

BELOW : On the building in the photo above, this sign reminded workers in a ‘punny way’, of the need for safety on the work site.

BELOW : Plenty of traffic in the back street areas.

BELOW : More high rise buildings. I believe the large ball on the top of the building on the right, indicates a telecommunications structure.

BELOW : A mosque surrounded by progress.

BELOW : Boom Boom Readymade Garments Trading.


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 Click here to see my YouTube clip with more of this lake /  fountain area, and the surrounds. Including  the world’s  tallest  building, Burj Khalifa, as at October 2018. It stands at around  829.8 metres  (about 2,722 feet). Starting at about 2:09 mins.  into the  clip.

  Click here to see my YouTube clip of this waterfall and the surrounding area.

 Click here to see my YouTube clip of the aquarium and the surrounding area.

 Click here to see my YouTube clip of the far end of this pool, extending into the  hotel, and the elevator view while descending from the 8th to ground floor.

 Click here to see my Youtube clip, starting outside of the elevator area showing sections of the  carpet, and then proceeding into the hallway area outside of rooms on the 4th floor.